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I structure mine as Reading Workshop. The first 10 minutes is a mini-lesson where you teach them a reading skill. For example, if the skill is on character traits, you use an example with a book they are familiar with, or you read an excerpt from a book for a couple of minutes. You model how you look for character traits within a text. You have some students help you find the character traits. Let's say you were doing this with the book, Matilda by Roald Dahl. And you are doing this on Matilda. Students would say she's nice, smart, etc.

Then, students read for 30-40 min on their own with their own books and practice this skill. Maybe they jot down the character traits on a post-it or in the reading journal. While this is happening, you are conferring with students in small groups...maybe it's one group per day, or a couple per day, whatever works best for you. You are giving them more pointers on this skill and helping them with this.

The last 5-10 minutes, students share out what they discovered in their books, with the class, or with their reading partners. For the rest of the week, you can work on the same skill, but enhance it. So, Tuesday, maybe they work on higher level character traits. By Thursday, maybe they are finding evidence showing the character trait, like "I know Matilda is intelligent because she was able to add up all the numbers her dad called out, in her head within seconds"

Each week, I teach a new skill. And then, I go back to previous learned skills throughout the year to make sure they still understand.

Good luck!! Also, If you google Beth Newingham and look at her reading workshop resources, I've found them very helpful to me!
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