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withholding sick leave
Old 04-24-2020, 05:02 AM
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I've noticed that districts seem reluctant to pay out sick leave. They put up obstacles of one sort of another. Since the CA sick leave law came into effect, I've found it a struggle to get paid sick leave.

One district denied me sick leave saying I hadn't worked enough hours to qualify, when I clearly had. I contested and finally got paid.

In another district, I put in for sick leave but it didn't show up on my paycheck. When I inquired, I was told that Payroll couldn't verify my absence (even though I'd indicated the teacher, grade level, and school of the class I'd canceled due to illness).

I had to appeal to the substitute coordinator for help. She finally straightened it out for me ( after multiple emails circulating among Payroll and several HR staff). I had to fill out yet another sick leave request because supposedly the first one (submitted online) got lost or misplaced (???).

I have a feeling that many subs are reluctant to make waves of any kind. So they won't request sick leave, or if they have a problem getting it, they just drop the issue. The trouble is, as long as people don't speak up, the employers will continue to withhold and make the process difficult.
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