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I wrote about this in older threads.

My main district does not let you accumulate sick pay. You must use it the same year.

They ostensibly sent out a memo dated August 15, 2015 that explains that you need to cancel an existing job to get sick pay. The district conveniently " forgot' to send most subs this memo, so I lost $250 the first year because I made the rational choice to not look for work the days I was sick, hence I had nothing to cancel. I wrote human resources about this, and of course got denied.

I wrote the author of the bill up in Sacramento and gave her a copy of the letter we never got, recommending the bill be amended so we will not be taken advantage of, but she did not respond.

I am torn as to what to do this year. I have two days accumulated from the fall of 2019, and the deadline to send in the sick pay request form is June 15. If I am paid for these days, I will need to report it as money earned.

The amount is $250. if this amount is deducted from my claim, than I guess it does not matter if I send in the form or not. Maybe I should call the EDD, but I do not want to open up a can of worms.
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