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Itís a false narrative being served to us by an incompetent government that doesnít care if we die.
Rather extreme and political, Fractured. Should have ended your informative post with the previous sentence IMHO.

Educators are not essential, from what I can google. That's why schools were shutdown in March. However, schools, obviously, kept many teacher in 'online education' at home.

The meaning generally applies to workers in law enforcement and public safety, food production, health care providers and emergency personnel, among others. Workers in other industries were added to the list:

Workers conducting COVID-19 research and testing.

Pharmacy employees who are necessary for filling prescriptions.

Workers who provide security services to hospitals and other critical industries.

Mass transit and airport workers.

Food and agricultural workers, to include those who work in grocery stores and restaurants. Many restaurants in a growing number of states are only providing delivery and takeout service only.

Energy sector employees considered critical to sustaining utilities, telecommunications and natural gas, among others. Gas station employees are included.

Mortuary and funeral service workers, including crematoriums and cemetery workers.

Employees who manufacture safety and sanitary products, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food processing.

Workers who support national security commitments and the military.

Water and wastewater employees needed to manage drinking water supplies.

Bank employees needed to process transactions and payments, along with customer service workers at call centers. Payroll and certain insurance workers also apply. Some of those functions can be done remotely, as many companies are asking employees to work from home if possible.

Vendors that provide essential services or products like logistics, child care services, along with hardware and supply stores.

The news media.

Building cleaners and janitors.

Those who work in trash collection and disposal, animal shelters, certain warehouse and fulfillment centers, food banks and mail and shipping service centers. Certain charities also apply.

In California, employees in the cannabis industry are deemed essential. The state has enacted some of the most far-reaching measures in the country to protect its 40 million residents.

Added to these were liquor stores, abortion clinics.
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