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It is political. I could have said a lot worse, trust me. They are pushing a narrative that goes against what every health expert says is the wrong thing to do. The cdc just had their school plan leaked to the media. It says opening schools would be the worst thing to do and that virtual learning would be the safest option. An Arizona teacher just died from covid because she shared a room with her husband and one other teacher this summer to teach summer school virtually from a brick and mortar school. They used masks and all of that. The other two are now sick. That’s with no kids. Imagine how bad the numbers will be, even if we only open up for a few weeks.

Weed shops are not essential, neither are tattoo parlors. I know places are having a hard time, but bars and restaurants are the biggest spreaders of this disease so far. Look, health food inspectors wanted to shut down meat packing plants and Trump signed an executive order making them “essential.” He is sending people to their deaths, whether you want to admit it or not.

Abortion clinics should definitely be open as it is a medical procedure, I’m not going to debate that though.

Teachers should strike and not go back.

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