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I honestly can't think of any other profession where the workers are taking on as much risk as teachers. Maybe people working in nursing homes, depending on what kind of ppe is provided?

The only workers in stores who are interacting with many customers face to face are cashiers, and that's from behind a plexiglass. Each interaction is only a couple of minutes, the customer is wearing a mask, and the customer is an adult who is not going to sneeze or cough in the worker's face. Not to mention, they're getting hazard pay right now. In many parts of the country, teachers are not only not getting hazard pay; they're actually taking cuts.

Doctors and nurses are interacting with sick people, but that is in full ppe, in a building that was built with every safety precaution in mind. They are not in a tiny room with 30 patients at once who are coughing and sneezing on them wearing a cloth mask. Not to mention, interacting with sick people is literally the exact job they signed up for. Teachers did not sign up for that.

Day care workers are the closest in risk to teachers because of the inherent risks of working with children, but even they have some protections. Day cares around here are still limiting the number of children and most have ten in each room. Since they're not charged with educating the children in their care they can spend unlimited time cleaning/sanitizing throughout the day.

So far every district around here that has announced something has announced full time/5 days per week, meaning class sizes will be normal 25-30 students and there will of course be no social distancing. Due to the nature of school, even if you try to limit interactions between different students and teachers, that can only go so far. Certain services are required including sped, EL, title 1, OT/PT, speech/language, mental health, art, music, and PE. That's a whole lot of people interacting with each other and it's impossible to say that literally only these 10 kids and this 1 teacher will interact with each other all day every day like you can do in daycare.
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