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Class sizes
Old 08-11-2020, 03:28 AM
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my job was only barely doable some days, and i cannot envision how this will be doable at all with the kinds of students i often have.
I can't offer anything about your other points, but this may ease some minds: At least for the hybrid system we have, class sizes are tiny. Yesterday I got pulled to go to a team that I NEVER voluntarily go to because of their typical student behaviors. I didn't have much choice except to suck it up and get through it. Both classes I covered had 8-9 students, and they were wonderful! In fact, I could barely get them to say a word during class discussion. Other than that they were silent. I had noticed the same in 6th grade, but I had chalked it up to being unfamiliar with the building and other students from different elementaries. It's like this all over the building, and the teachers are having a little difficulty getting to know the students.

Circumstances vary widely depending on your location, so you have to factor in that. But I haven't seen or even heard of one "mask infraction." With certain criteria, students sometimes get a "mask break." Some of them opt to just leave them on. I've gotten so used to it myself, I sometimes forget, like when I'm alone in my classroom.

That said, I am being requested for a 6 week medical leave. And I'm not sure I'm up for that right now.

So those who don't have the health considerations, this is a good time to sub!
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