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It would have worked for theatre arts in some situations, but music it was too long a time for music and band.
Choir too. Few middle and high school students have the vocal technique or the instrumental chops to rehearse for 90 minutes. Most of the teachers that I know do some combination of sectionals, online music theory and/or appreciation assignments and full rehearsals. The worst of it is that it often makes it difficult for students to be in a performance group for the entire year.

I will say, though, that this pandemic is the first thing that has made me see some advantages for subs in block scheduling. It's true that it means you have some days with no break outside your lunch break but it's also true that it reduces the number of students you see in a day. I have not noticed that it results in smaller class sizes, but if it does, that's safer too.

And, I do think that schools that are on the block have been in the habit of utilizing online resources to a greater degree than schools that have not, which made it easier for them to go to virtual delivery when the pandemic hit and which will make it easier to adjust to a blended learning model.

And, apologies for hijacking the thread topic. I do think that, for anyone at increased risk, it's a tough decision whether to sub or not.
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