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Old 09-04-2020, 01:47 PM
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Wow! WTH! A district out here just announced that it will NOT be open to
100% in-person learning, at all, for the rest of the school year!

Parents will have to choose if they want to do 100% distance learning, or hybrid.

I can see the (possible) benefit of having consistency and the "joy" of knowing, for sure, what will happen in the future, but... can they know what things will happen, later on? Maybe we'll get an effective vaccine? How can they declare this so early in the school year. Weird...

Seems premature, to me.

The district says it can't align their previous plan with the health requirements. They are probably right, but it seems that it could change if there is a vaccine and health requirements change. I think the administration probably just gave up and want to put out a definitive plan for the rest of the year.

Actually, this could be good for subs because my understanding is that classes are 1/2 the size. That would make a huge difference. Makes me feel horrible for the students, though, because I know that distance learning isn't engaging and students are falling farther and farther behind, whether people admit it, or not.

Could be good for us, though, with hybrid. I don't want to sub 100% online, at least until they get the bugs worked out (and not even sure, if then). The district in question isn't my district, though. My district, and county, has its hands full just trying to be able to do HYBRID.

Oops, the district did put in a blurb at the end that said that things could change if the health department's rules change.

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