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Joined: Jan 2016
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Clip to ScrapBook #19

If anyone in California has had any luck getting a live voice over the phone, please share that number with us.

I would like to know if Aesop can find out who and when one is looking for work.

Just because jobs are posted, this does not mean will will see them. They might be gone before we log on to see them. We cannot expect to be staring at Aesop 24/7. Therefore, if an available job is not there when we log on, we cannot be blamed for not taking a job we never saw.

If or when jobs become available constantly, then we can be blamed for not accepting them, since the odds are we will see some eventually on a regular basis. But as long as jobs remain occasional or few in numbers, I do not think we can be accused of turning down work, and do not need to say we turned down work on our re-certification forms.

They probably cannot prove that we saw a job and chose not to accept it.
However, I could be wrong.

Can Aesop administrators, or our district administrators see when we have logged on to look for jobs?

This is an important question that we need to have answered to help us fill out our claims.
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