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This is all just my take on it—When I had an orientation with one of my sub agencies, they were bringing up how to use the non work day feature on Aesop. I remember they showed us a slide of someone’s work month that was full of non work days. The person had tried to claim unemployment and was denied, and had claimed to UI there was no work for her.

If you have your days open and don’t claim jobs, I don’t think they would suspend UI benefits. You are looking for work and not turning down work. If you are going on Aesop and turning down jobs or not picking up when they call, I imagine they would penalize you for that.

They could also argue that you can get subalert to have job notifications, but you might be able to argue that you can’t afford it/district doesn’t pay it.

I doubt districts can see how often you log on, or if they could, it wouldn’t really help them prove you weren’t looking for work. You could just turn on Aesop on one computer and leave it open.
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