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Ui doesn’t have the manpower to check if you are turning down jobs or not. They are going to have someone who is talking to the Hr at districts. If subs are being offered jobs they are going to start denying your claim, so UI will then deny your benefits for that week.
I remember predicting this from the start, and getting called a conspiracy theorist for proposing that schools would dare push us out with distance learning while simultaneously denying us unemployment benefits. I knew districts would pull this nonsense and keep us "employed" despite switching almost entirely to online and offering like one job a month because of it.

"What? They applied for unemployment because 150 dollars a month is unlivable? But look, here is one (1) job offer listed this week with no details or instructions that went out into a general pool of over 50 people! They still have a job here, teehee! Reasonable assurance by the way!"

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