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Questions on a/b phase 2 schedule
Old 10-27-2020, 04:41 PM
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On phase 2 schedule group A of 15 students go to school Mon. and Thurs. Group B (15 students) goes to school on Tues. and Thurs. On Wed. all students have distance learning. Group A has distance learning on Tues, Wed, and Fri. Group B has distance learning on Mon., Wed., and Fri.
My question is would a teacher (like Mrs. Smith) teach kids in person on Mon, Tues., Thurs. and Friday?
Group A and Group B will have distance learning 3 days a week. Excluding Wed., who teaches group A and B when their doing their distance learning? Is it it Mrs. Smith? If not, then who? But how would Mrs. Smith do it, when there is in person classes 4 days a week?
Please explain this. Phase 2 starts next week for me. I am a sub.

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