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Just wanted to pop in and let you guys know about my hybrid sub experience on Monday...

Awhile back I told the secretary at the school that I didn't want to sub 100% online because I didn't feel comfortable with the computers - or, more honestly, I didn't feel comfortable taking the chance that I'd make an idiot of myself in front of the students (or worse, the parents!).

Monday was my first day and I didn't have to do the computers. I think that's why she gave me that job.

I was under the impression that once students went hybrid, that there weren't any more computers. I thought students were given work to do at home for the at-home days.

Apparently, as you guys probably already knew, there are some in person and some on the computer, even with hybrid.

I figured that if I wanted to work very much that I had to learn to use the computer, so I asked if I could "shadow" another sub or a teacher to try to get the hang of it, without pay.

They said I could, but I haven't heard anything, yet. I just asked them yesterday, though.

I told them, "How can I tell the students to go out of their comfort zone, if I don't?" .

The other subs were doing it, so it must be doable.

Last Monday my smallest class was 4 students and my largest class was 10 students. It was the students first day back to school so they were well-behaved, as expected, since they are still in the honeymoon phase.
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