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How to enforce protocols with non compliance....
Old 05-25-2021, 03:52 PM
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Hi everyone! I am thinking g about next year and reflecting on this year. I am moving from kindergarten to second grade and I am so excited.

Iím a little anxious though. As a second year teacher, my classroom management skills were better than first year, but still not great. Here is what I keep thinking. Iím reading everywhere the importance of practicing practicing practicing protocols for everything g at the beginning of the year. Yes. I am ready for it! But hereís what I am wondering. When a child refuses to adhere to the protocol (refuses to walk with hands behind back in line if that is the protocol, refuses to sit in 1 of 3 ways on the carpet, refuses to wait to sharpen their pencil until appropriate time) despite knowing the protocol, how do you handle it? During this past year, I had students practice the things they struggled with during fun/free times, but of course the child would do it perfectly then and as soon as recess was over immediately revert back to their old behavior, so i felt it wasnít effective even though it was logical. They still have to do the thing, so what if they arenít doing the way I want them to? I know that blind compliance isnít my end goal, but also I have procedures and they need to be followed. Iím not sure how to find the balance between the two!

Any thoughts?

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