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Most of my students are that low in resource. I work in a really low SES school where the majority of kids are below grade level, so when it comes to who actually qualifies for sped it's extremely low kids. My "low" group of incoming 3rd graders are reading at levels 3-6 and my "high" group (2 students, haha) are reading level 12-14.

Teaching the grade level standards vs. teaching to where the student's level is comes up a lot at my school. Personally, I believe in teaching at the student's level. I think it's more important to focus completely on phonics and beginning reading skills for a student reading at a level 4 rather than taking a grade level skill such as determining the central message and teaching a lesson on that using a level 4 book.

Those who argue for focusing on grade level standards only at my school will often say it's because obviously the state test is on grade level. I've never understood that argument, because let's be honest, no way is a kid coming into 3rd grade at a level 4 passing PARCC at the end of the year. Even if they can do all of the skills with lower level text, that means nothing because they won't be able to read the PARCC texts in the first place. I do pull out lessons, so students get instruction from me and their gen ed teacher. They're getting "exposure" to the grade level standards from the whole group lessons in class.

Others may disagree, but I think the most important thing for a 3rd grader reading a level 4 is learning how to read and I would spend all of that student's intervention time focused on that. They aren't going to be able to access most instruction (in any subject area) if they can't read.
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