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I understand how you are feeling and what you are going through. I had a violent student last year in my self contained classroom. She was so violent that we did room clears on a daily basis and I rarely was ever able to stay in the classroom with all of my students more than 30 minutes before she started and we would have to get everyone out. I had clumps of hair pulled out weekly, bloody scratches, bites, and a broken thumb. During a particularly bad day, she slammed my head against the floor and I ended up with a concussion. I really thought that would be it, but she returned to school the next day with no consequences at all.

My biggest advice is to work really hard to find the right motivators/reinforcers for these students. For my student, we took almost all demands off of her for most of the day, constantly reinforcing her (every few minutes) for having safe behavior. By the end of the year she was doing a little work and reinforcers were more spaced out.
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