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Clip to ScrapBook #3


1) Whatever system or method you choose it should satisfy three conditions: (1) get the job done (2) self-eliminate (3) reduce your work load.
2) A good discipline system protects students.
3) Proactive discipline is easier than reactive discipline.
4) Discipline should always come before instruction.
5) Avoid systems that are public. Discipline should be private or nearly so.
6) There is a direct relationship between your physical distance to students and how they behave. Distance is safety while proximity is accountability.
7) Although students almost always start a problem it's the teacher's reaction that will determine whether the problem remains small or becomes large.
8) Nag-threaten-punish is the most wide-spread "technique" in classrooms. It is also the least effective.
9) The system being used is far less important than the person using it. If students don't take the teacher seriously in the first place almost any system will fail.
10) Most students like a teacher who runs a tight ship. It is usually the vocal few who try to make the teacher feel like a fool for having any standards whatsoever.
11) Do not expect students to stand up and shout, "Thanks Teach for making us cooperate and stay on task." The "thanks" will come down the road because you know what's best for them.
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