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Getting it done
Old 03-25-2019, 06:10 PM
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Hi all,
I decided to put this here because it has to do with managing your time in the classroom.
How do you all get your planning done for upcoming lessons?
Iím struggling. Have been for about three years. At first I just thought it was getting used to a curriculum but itís not.
I struggle with planning out my lessons . I never have enough time to plan them out ... I plan for 6 subjects each team plans together but just for one subject area, that leaves 5 other subjects that I do individually.
How do you do it every day? I am coming in 2 hrs early to work on plans then at night Iím doing another 3-4 hours !!
Any tips, ideas or how you do itís?
Please donít say thatís just how it is with teaching,, there has to be better ways ...
Thanks in advance for help!

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