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A Leader in Me
Old 01-19-2019, 09:52 AM
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I have a very immature group this year and I understand your plight. I have seen some success with changing my classroom behavior from Dojos to something more tangible to students of this age, I now have a card system. I DO NOT allow them to earn cards back, as I tried that prior and it only made them spend the day begging for their card back rather than learning from their actions.

I have seen less of a problem with negative behavior since switching to the card system and being tough about not giving a card back unless I made an error. If they ask, I take an additional card. I know that seems tough, but this group just really has a hard time accepting consequences for their behavior because they can always beg and cry to get it fixed, at home and previously.

I also have used the books, "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" and "How Full is Your Bucket?" These are great tools, but you really have to change your personal responses and make sure you are highlighting positive behaviors, but equally among the class. If you don't find a way to praise the problem children, this system does not work well. Also, make sure you consistently use the language of praise during the day.

I didn't have as much luck with this system this year, because of the make up of my students. I have several very negative students and that attitude is quick to take over a classroom. I am currently using the "A Leader In Me" book for myself to gain insight and the children's companion book series "7 Habits of Happy Kids". So far I am only on book two for the kids, but I am seeing a shift in my students and their attention, as well as their response to situations. I have been spending a week talking about and discussing each book. So we are moving slowly to make sure the habits are ingrained.

Take all of this as suggestion only, as your class will be completely different than mine or any other. Best wishes.
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