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Clip to ScrapBook #8

Logged out for anonymity. We have been 100% virtual and live all day every day since the start. There is so much work piled on us from admin that I haven't actually graded an assignment completely for months. With 100+ students, planning periods nearly nonexistent, crazy long lessons we have to turn in, data from everywhere we have to write up and turn in....I glance at the work.

I did try, at first. I spent a week not moving from my desk area at home from 8a-11p (bathroom and food breaks obviously) and I could still barely keep up. I refuse to have no home life. No way would I fail anyone anyway - to do so means having to attempt parent contact, fill online call logs, come up with a random assignment to take more of my time, and then be pushed to grant a passing grade anyway. Skipping that mess.
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