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Late work is just harder on the teacher
Old 01-12-2021, 09:58 PM
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As I read through the original post and each of the replies, I could easily identify with each of you. I am three days from the end of the semester. High school. In person students. Block schedule. We were reporting to the classroom until our state saw an increase in the number of cases. We have been remote since the week after Thanksgiving.

Many of my students were not working while we were in the classroom. Many of my students have not attempted any assignment while we have been remote. They are signing in to our digital class (because I can see this), but they are not doing any of the assignments.

We were told to not give too many assignments or assignments that would take too much of their time because it is overwhelming. We have 90 minute classes. My assignments take approximately 15-20 minutes! But then there is rigor...

My syllabus states that I do not accept late work. Toss that out of the window. Our principal wants us to do whatever we can so that the students do not fail. Accept late work. Grade generously. Give assignments that do not have right or wrong answers so they receive credit for just responding. Think about not giving zeros. But don't forget the rigor...

I remind students about due dates. I've extended due dates. I started shutting down assignment submissions last week. I have got to get my grading caught up! Now they are in a panic. I get at least 7-8 messages per day from students or parents who are asking me to open up assignments so they can complete them. We are THREE days from the end of the semester. They are working on final exams that are due Thursday. Who is going to grade all of these assignments? Should I plan on loading up on caffeine so that I can work 24/7 on this upcoming three day weekend so their grades will be wonderful and ready to be submitted on Tuesday morning? Do I just ditch my family this entire weekend so I can work ALL weekend because my students refused to work for the last month and half?

I don't think there is a solution. I don't think we will ever please everyone. Teachers will always be blamed. I place the blame on our state superintendent. Last spring our kids were told that whatever they did during remote learning would NOT lower their grade. If they did the work and it helped their grade, it would count. If they did the work and it lowered their grade, it would be tossed out. If they didn't do the work, they would be exempted. And now they are expecting the same treatment this year. Sadly, it will probably happen. Let's wait and see...
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