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An Announcement From Ye Captain
Old 02-21-2014, 12:54 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #1


While ye were sleepin' in ye staterooms last night, thar was a wee change in ye administrator. But don't worry 'bout it mates. While ye former captain is keeping the bilge rats company, me mates gunna be escorting all 'o ye to thar island, and I be startin' me own private charter in ye cruise ship.

Avast! What be this? Some of ye have won a contest? Be ye tryin' to pillage me doubloons??

Congrats' to these mates
Pirates be ye all!

Cemsnowy4 (Dolphin Drawing)
laurathy (Ocean Giants Drawing)
Teach4 (Starfish Drawing)

Now move to the boats smartly mates. Thar's be a slight change to ye itinerary. 'n while ye be packin' ye thin's 'n movin' to the boats, I have a wee contest for ye:

Pirate Drawing
Reply below for a chance to win!

We'll be giving away a $15 gift certificate to one lucky member who replies to this announcement with an answer to the question below. Entries are due Saturday, February 22 at 10pm PST DRAWING HAS ENDED


If ye be marooned on an island wit' ye PT buckos, because some scurvy pirate be stealin' ye cruise ship, what be one thin' ye could take from ye classroom back home that would help ye and your mates in ye predicament?


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