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Consequence for student?
Old 05-15-2019, 02:47 PM
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I have a studnet that tampered with computers and although student work was not erased, the computers acted 'irrationally' after his tampering with magnets.

My principal asked ME to come up with a consequence (the student has a long rap sheet, but no real consequence). When I asked my P about this incident, the P turned it back on me. Great. Parents are upset because this student gets away with a lot. My P doesn't really believe in consequences except maybe a talk.

The crime of the student is doing what is not trustworthy and damaging school property.

One idea is that he works in a different classroom where he would do no harm in another classroom that's not his own (I'd like to believe he wouldn't do damage in another classroom). This could be a classroom with a small class size so he's in a more restrictive classroom. I would send him with work to do.

Another idea is he sit out during the pool party or have to check in every half hour since he can't be trusted.

Also, with my own children, when they do something that drains my battery, they owe me chores to put energy back in my tank.

What ideas do YOU all have?

Thanks in advance!

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