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Not knowing the student makes this a bit challenging... but I'd be tempted to have a discussion with the student regarding what he did and asking him for his ideas. "Here is the damage that was done... how are you going to compensate for it?" I think the key is to get him thinking about what he did wrong not how we're going to treat him as a result. The fact he has a long rap sheet suggests whatever's been done so far has been ineffective. It sounds like he's testing to see what he can get away with... might be time to refocus.

It would be interesting if, for example, the student came up with the idea that he could help his classmates with technology... the point is he has to come up with something constructive to compensate for the damage he's done--not just to school property but more importantly to himself, his trustworthiness, and his reputation. (I'm assuming those are things that have at least some value to him.)

The best news is that the parents are likely to support what you (both) come up with...

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