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Clip to ScrapBook #6

I agree with others about needing a place for desks, and a whole group gathering spot--if no carpet just tape off an area on the floor with decorative tape, and definitely the rectangle table for small group/individual students when they meet with you. Gathering spot can vary if where you think you'd like it doesn't work, then switch it up until it works for you and them. I have mine by my reading strategy board because that was expected. I used to have it by my big classroom calendar to begin the day.

I also think it'd be wise to keep the 3 file cabinets this year. The sides can be used as display area/magnetic work also if you're pressed for space. Use for this year and if they're not needed, then put them in hallway for someone else.

I'd be leery to use the metal shelving for a library area unless it's definitely sturdy and guaranteed no tipping issues. Otherwise, use if for your storage only.

I use plastic bins for my book tubs scattered throughout the room sorted by genre. Dollar store is great for this.

Your procedures could be similar to what you already use, meaning: line order, how do they/when use the bathroom, get drinks, will you allow water bottles, snack time? when? Behavior expectations, Recess could be dependent on your schedule or predetermined. And then might change, lol.

I have my students keeps supplies, text books, notebooks, etc in their desks. Others, have a place in room and pass out when needed. Whatever works for you and your students.

Don't forget--it'll be a new space to them so it doesn't have to be 100% done/perfect on day 1. I think too many of us get caught up in this and it just adds more stress than needed.

I print their names on desk tags so they have a spot to go to on the first day. I think it produces too much anxiety in them to come in and find no desk with their name. They'll come with supplies, most likely so it's nice for them to have somewhere to put them. I do the same with lockers.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy 2nd grade

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