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SPED vs. gen ed remote learning
Old 03-31-2020, 05:12 PM
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I'm just going to caveat this by saying I came from the corporate world before I worked in SPED. It BLOWS MY MIND the inequity in pay between special education and general education teachers, given our considerable increased workload... so that's where I'm starting from...

That being kept in mind.... in our district, us SPED teachers are expected to deliver at a minimum, weekly, specialized designed instruction geared to meet each individual student's objectives. In my state, we don't just have goals, we have at least 4-5 objectives per goal. These objectives are the criteria by which each student is judged to have met their particular goal.

After getting this directive in a meeting this afternoon, I've spent the bulk of tonight (3 HOURS) working on content for week one for just ONE child (I 12 on my caseload). Yes, there are great resources out there, but again I am tasked with directly tying activities to their

Meanwhile, I was under the impression our general ed colleagues were following the same guidelines in providing "moving forward instruction" that was geared toward particular groups and segments of students. I got a text tonight from a grade level general ed colleague asking me to provide content every other week for her ClassDojo so that we can "all take turns" providing enrichment content. I teach a sub separate class within that grade level. What the serious...

Is anyone else pissed the f*ck off by the inequity in all of this??? Has anyone's unions stepped up? Ours said they would and then crickets...

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