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I still stand by what I said about how working with kids is not something I'm good at, but I needed a job, so I had no choice but to step outside of my comfort zone. We've all had to take jobs we hate at some point, and this was one such job for me. And guys, I knew I'd be interacting with children at this job - I'm not that thick that I honestly believe I'm going to work in an elementary school and have no contact with students! What I meant is I didn't think I'd need to be in charge of students, that's all.

I never let on that I'm not a kid person, nor was I ever mean to the students. Maybe I should have been mean to them, I don't know. I just questioned the district's decision because... well, firstly because I was mad that they fired me, and secondly because I feel that my inability to do my job was mostly (if not entirely) the school's fault for not properly training me and/or expecting me to do things I wasn't qualified to do. There was really no constructive from administration - just "Duhh-eeeee, go figure it out yourself!" and my boss was always so busy that I probably would have had an easier time getting a hold of the president than I would have getting in touch with my boss.

Nobody gave me expectations - they just came in to tell me how useless I was six weeks into my employment and, up until that moment, I didn't know I was doing anything wrong. That's when I reached out for extra assistance, which I think the district frowned upon.

Next time search for a job that matches your skills.
Much easier said than done when you're desperate for work, unfortunately. I would never willingly choose to work around children, but I needed money, and $14 an hour sounded mighty good. There are really no lessons to be learned from my brief experience working for a school district other than it's horrible to work for a school district. But should I ever find myself having no choice but to work in one in the future, I'll know to expect the worst.

I'm certainly not fighting to get this job back, but I just really wish there's something I could have done to just inconvenience the district in some way to get back at them.

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