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Word families
Old 02-18-2020, 05:21 PM
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I teach prek this year for the first time and have never done word familiies before, but I know other prek classrooms are doing them. (Previous years I taught the 3 year olds)

My kids are accustomed to my saying the onset and rime of words orally, without seeing letters. Consequently, now that I have added letters as of last month, they are saying the 3 sounds in a c/vc word, but then pause. A couple of kids can blend them all and give me the word, but the rest are waiting for me to say the onset and rime, then they instantly can blend the letters into a word.

How can I transition them smoothly to doing all the blending to make a word? Is it just a matter of perseverance and with enough repetition they will catch on, or what?

These kids are going into a school system where 47 percent of the 3rd graders flunked the 3rd grade reading test last year. Please, I don't know what these kids will be facing next year, and I would like to at least get them as far along in reading as I can.

Thanks for any help.

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