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Building Relationships
Old 10-14-2017, 11:54 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #3

Kind but firm. I greet my 6th graders at the door every day. I try to take an interest in them. Ask kids in band about the piece they are working on. Show your excitement when you see a student reading a book you like and give them other suggestions for books they might like.

Show your humanness. Admit when you make a mistake. I'm new to the school this year, and of course my kids are coming from elementary school, so I've kind of adopted the "we are in this together" attitude. Find out what small rewards the kids like and have them available. My kids are suckers for candy (ha), so that's what I keep on hand for them. I keep sharpened pencils available at all times. I gave up that battle a long time ago. My kids are really low income, and I will not let their lack of a pencil get in the way of their learning.

Those are what came to mind first. The fact that you want to connect with them is great! Good luck!

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