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Student Teaching Rough Start
Old 09-19-2020, 07:18 PM
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I am a non traditional aged student teacher, went back and got my license after my kids were in HS (One left a senior, poor thing has had so much cancelled). I have an advisor who is basically abusive, I had done all my paperwork by early June and had not heard anything about my placement as far as a confirmation was concerned at all over the summer. My original placements ( doing a k12 art) had gotten cancelled due to the district not taking student teachers due to the Pandemic. I get an email the Friday before school is supposed to start from this advisor who does not know my placement and just wants to talk and not do any of the important things that should have been taken care of. I do not find out my placement until Wednesday and the school is all online. I have a terrible time logging on and my mentor teacher has decided not to give me the benefit of the doubt and is not understanding at all.

So within the week this advisor is calling me and telling me my reputation is ruined, I feel horrible because I want to create good impression and do a good job. I have another week of technical difficulty( oh yes and I have NEVER done anything like this before i just finished my classes and they cancelled all of our contact hours so I have no experience online teaching). So there is no normal observation/co teach, I have no idea what I should be doing and the teacher seems to be annoyed with me when I ask questions. I am trying to teach myself the computer stuff but I make mistakes but I want to learn and I am very willing. The advisor emails and texts me while we are in class and demands I respond right away, has had me re write the first part of my work sample three times, has had me do numerous lesson plans that are not going to be used after I edited them. Now she is completely telling me what to do, like everything. She will call me four times in one day if i don't get back to her right away and today left me a message with something to the affect of "you better do this or else".

So can I or should I bring this up to the college? I am just worried about causing problems and burning bridges as far as getting hired is concerned. I am not actually student teaching in the district where I would like to work. I thought maybe I might but now I am not sure. I am doing Art Ed which is kind of a small world and the college has to know this woman is like this.

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