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Reader's Workshop and Daily 5 are similar, but very different. This is how I understand it (I do Workshop and then Diller's Literacy Stations later in the day).

Readers Workshop:
10-12 minute mini-lesson
20-30 minutes independent reading & teacher confers around the room
10-15 minutes partner reading
5-8 minutes share

The Daily 5 mixes in word work, listening and other mini-lessons to add up to 5 lessons & work sessions (some do fewer due to time constraints). Students have choices or the teacher may do a rotation schedule.

I prefer the workshop model because I want them to be reading every day, focusing on a specific mini-lesson. I do listening, word work and other skills during literacy station time. I've also seen teacher do a hybrid of both programs. We are mandated to follow the workshop format as it is written by our ISD.
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