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My classes always run a little boy-heavy. This year, 16 out of 19 are boys. However, I also teach preschool special education, so I'm used to lots of behavior issues.

I think my first thought is about your comment that he is doing things he "knows" he is not supposed to do. If he is still engaging in those activities, then he hasn't been taught yet not to do them. I would do some simple social stories with him about using items appropriately, hands to self, following directions, etc.. and LOTS of positive reinforcement and praise when he is making a good choice. Spend a lot of time with your new class just focusing on routines and procedures so that he, and everyone else, knows the expectations.

For the ones that are constantly screaming at each other, I would focus on teaching some problem solving strategies. The ones you can print out from the CSEFEL website are my favorite. I teach all students the problem solving strategies at the beginning of the year (take turns, share, get a timer, say please, etc..) and then review them throughout the year. I have a copy hanging on my board, a copy in the library center, and a copy hanging on one of the center shelves. For 90% of my students, by December they are able to solve their own problems instead of screaming at each other or getting a teacher. For the ones that still need assistance, whenever they start going back and forth with each other, I direct them to the solution cards and we go through them and pick which one works. It's time consuming, but so worth it when they become independent problem solvers.

*Hopefully* this helps and you have an easier year than the previous teacher that had them!
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