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Clip to ScrapBook #6

I would find out if this kid has been in any structure setting.

There is a huge difference between I've been in day care since I was six weeks old to I've never been in a group setting, never been told to do something I don't want by a person who isn't my parent.

It could be cultural. My BIL's wife culture lets kids explore. Americans would consider it feral. I remember being in a huge Chicago hotel, asking where Biff is. Biff is 4. Biff is not in the reception room. Noone knows where Biff is. Mom and Dad are not worried. I have a heart attack and look for Biff.

Biff is splashing his hands in a fountain WAY away from the reception, talking to a security guard.

In mom's culture, kids that young walk to the store ALONE. The hammer doesn't drop until they hit middle school.

There could be lots of reasons why he's acting like that besides being a PITA.

I would have the aide work with him, and model, model, model what is expected. And document. Alot.

I had a young 4 year old Kindie who didn't understand what rewards even were. It meant nothing to him. Figure out what is his price (reward). The above Kindie loved Silly Putty time. Stickers meant nothing.

ETA: You may have to get this basic with him.

*Jiff, you are in school. At school we sit.
*Jiff you are in school. At school we have carpet time.
*Jiff you are in school. At school hands at your side

I swore my Kindie would forget where he was at, and what he should do. He wasn't disabled, just a boy and really young for his age.
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