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Thank you
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Thank you for your replies so far. Today was so much worse in terms of behavior, though with a few highs. He sat at carpet in the morning and did great and got to be my helper for a big. That lasted about 30 minutes then it was a quick decline. I ended up having to send him to the principal twice, once for taking his backpack and swinging it around, and the second time for hitting kids with his lunchbox. It wasn't a reaction, it was a premeditated walking to the lunch cart, taking his box, and walking a kid across the chest with it. The principals talk didn't seem to matter much to him.

We also ended the last 30 minutes with pretty okay behavior. Both times I made sure to heavily praise him.

As for aides, all four kinder classrooms share one aide. The other classes have told me I can take her when needed, but sometimes she's giving assessments and cant come quickly without hurting another kids learning.

I emailed parents and asked for advice and suggestions, so we'll see what they say. I also have admin support, though I feel awful because she came in to observe and my class was a little noisy while they were cutting scraps of paper, and I heard her go to one of my shy boys and ask him directly, "is it too loud in here for you?" I didn't mind the volume since they can control it at other times like play dough.

But my behavior management for my other kids is going down the drain since I'm so focused on my one challenge. I need to give them more attention but I cant.
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