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Tracy IDSE

Tracy IDSE
IEPs how to prepare
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Hello. I am a special education self-contained EC teacher at a high school in North Carolina. The in's and out's of IEPs:

People required to attend:
-Local education agent (LEA- usually an assistant principal)
-regular education teacher
-you, the special education teacher
-someone to interpret the results (if re-eval than psychologists) (usually it is you the special education teacher)

How to run the meeting:
-introduce all team members (go around table and they can introduce themselves)
-state purpose of meeting
-review over the IEP (send goals out at least 5 days in advance for parent to review prior to meeting)
-at the end of IEP remember to ask if any one has any other input or changes (before closing and verifying)
-complete the DEC 5 (where you state changes made to IEP proposals/refusals and why changes were made
-our county has meeting minutes that our LEAs/assistant principals complete

All paperwork required to be completed at meeting for annual IEP review:
-IEP/ DEC 4 (FBA/BIP to be included in IEP with behavior goal for students with behaviors that impede learning instruction)
-ESY worksheet
-DEC 5
-minutes (depending on how what your county requires)
-Parent invite return
-student invite if 14 or older
-Parents right handbook and the page to sign off parent received handbook
-IEP data

The overall things to remember:
-Send draft goals home to parent 5 days in advance
-make sure to parent returns invites signed
-complete ESY (extended school year) at each annual review
-make sure date to implement on DEC 5 is same as start date on IEP
-invite regular education teachers on same day you send home parent invites

Tip; Use google calendar to invite all IEP members so no one can say "I Forgot it was today"
do not forget to invite relate service providers same day as you send home invites to parents

Question: Does your school district have meeting minutes or do they just use DEC 5 as the minutes????? I know we have meeting minutes and it is helpful to assisting in completing the DEC 5. Does you school district use an online IEP generating system like CECAS????
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