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I am also taking a new art teaching position this fall, only I am 1-12! It seems very overwhelming, but I have tons of energy, and I am very excited about it. I am actually planning all different lessons for each grade and i will teach that same thing each year, so there are specific things to learn each year they move up. I will be teaching the same lesson for the different classes of each grade (ex-i have 3 1st grade classes, all once a week) follow me?
My advice to you would be, not to teach the EXACT same thing for K-2 and 3-5, but have a main theme for these groups, and then modify the lesson for each grade. Maybe use the same materials for each group, but change the media, artist, or time period. It switches things up a little. I wouldn't do the exact same thing...
Also, to help "change hats" in between classes, just make sure that the "key" to your teaching is organization. Have each class's materials ready to go, or have the class before set out the next classes materials. I will have a basket on each table all day long of pencils and erasers, then have materials ready to put in the baskets before each class for the materials they will need for their project. Or have a basket for each media set to go for the day. However you want to do it. And try different things each time and see what works best. Just go with the flow and be ready to adjust each time something doesn't work out. No one expects us as a new teacher to get everything right the first time around, so the first year at a school is all like a big trial and error test until it feels right. (Sorry I am getting off the subject a little bit... ) but anyways, you can plan your lessons however you want, but remember that you would have to make a new set of lessons just about every year since they would have already done it the previous year...except new 4th graders....try it and see how it works! Good luck~!
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