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Out of the world?
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I will admit that saying things like the benefits are "out of this world" sounds a bit lame. Nevertheless, Catholic School teachers are realy among the best out there...primarily because they are dedicated to their profession and not just the pay, vacation and benefits. I would not disagree that Catholic School teachers are vastly undercompensated, but I guarantee it is no conspiracy that keeps their pay low, it is the nature of religious institutions. Mother Theresa did not have god benefits and the Catholic Churh did not pay her a high fact, they didn't pay her anything. The truth is, like Mother Theresa's budget, the Catholic School spends most of their budget on the children and education. If teacher's are paid more, then that takes away from the school. Perhaps, no smartboards and a lower quality of education would result....followed by lower enrollments (who would pay 5K a year for a school no better than Public School?)

What is shamefull are non-deonomonational Christian schools with high revenues and high salaries for their deacons and pastors. Take Cornerstone in San Antonio, Tx. The Rev. Hagee lives in a multi-million dollar home, takes home more than most baskeball players and actors earn in a year, (not that they deserve it either), and still pays his teacher's horribly low wages. I guess what I'm saying is that, if the church money is going towards better education and philanthropic endeavors, that's good...but if it is going towards individual conspicious consumption....then I would ask myself what is "christian" about that?
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