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Putting Down Public Schools?
Old 06-15-2009, 08:47 AM
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If you have any experience in education at all, you will know it is not the school that makes the most difference. It is the family environment! Just because you attract a group of basically "together" families does not mean your type of schooling is better in any sense of the imagination. In fact, with the frequent low requirements, some of your schools may be worse. If you got sent a random sampling of humanity, you would take a different look at education and school quality. "Dedication does not a good teacher make."

In addition, if you are such a valuable educator, why are there so many spelling errors in your post? I am no English teacher, but I would not want my child in your class no matter what you teach.

We need to stick together as "educators" instead of playing against each other. I have taught in both and there are some real advantages to teaching in each. Yes, public school teachers tend to get paid much more but they have MUCH more to do as well (additional state paperwork, many more phone calls home, more behavior problems, etc...) because of the diverse mix of family types that make up our society.

I also regect the assumption that, simply because they make more, public school teachers are "in it for the money and vacation." Simply absurd. That would be like saying, "Those private school teachers just teacher there so they don't have to be around any jewish students." Yep, it's that stupid.
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