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Joined: Aug 2011
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Clip to ScrapBook #6

I will never go back to not doing binders. Mine are usually related to whatever theme I have for the year. This year, since I am having a cooking theme, they are "Chef Binders" (Children have everything for success). Last year I called them Travel binders. I really do believe that it teaches kids responsibility (I teach the wee ones) and is so great for parent communication. I mean. . .everything goes and comes out of that binder.

I have a blank calendar in mine each month that I put a smiley face each day in depending on how their day was (happy face, medium, or sad--sad faces I call home) which parents love. A lot of my parents have plans at home related to the face that they get for the day which just increases accountability for those kids and connects that home-school life even more. My parents sign them each night (Stickers are super cool to 6-7 year olds. So, they get 1 sticker each morning if they bring their binder back to school and 2 for a parent signature. Meaning, that the kids are all about those stickers so I know that the parents saw whatever was in the binder. I usually have a double pocket folder in them (one side for "Take Home" and the other for "Bring back to school" for papers that go home. I have a pencil pouch too which I love. I have a section for "notes" between parents and I back and forth (instead of being handed a million pieces of paper each morning for kids leaving early and whatnot. . .that I then misplace. I do a weekly newsletter too (which parents love) that goes home on Fridays for the following week. Then I have the usual daily schedule and all those other things in there too. Parents love them, I love them, the kids love them. . . I will never go back!

Good luck!
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