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I left the catholic school system to work in a public school for the wages. Working in public schools in Denver has become a nightmare. Class sizes are huge. Students are allowed to be disrespectful and the administration does not know how to address the bad behavior, so most classes have habitually disruptive kids that dictate the culture and climate of the schools. The scores for tests are low in most urban schools here because of language and socio economic issues and teachers get blamed for their students not making enough progress as measured by data from test scores. The joy of teaching and engagement of students is diminished as schools are scared of losing funding due to low test scores, and so teaching to the test has become the norm. Best practices are being left behind, more charter schools are opening taking money and resources from the public schools. It is considered bad practice to use text books and we rarely have a class set of anything. Thank God for technology, but our school has old and not enough computers.

I really miss the climate and culture of the Catholic school with caring students and parents. Not to say that kids won't be kids and act out once in a while, but I enjoyed teaching because I could focus on engaging ways to teach the content laid out by the school standards/curriculum because the general climate and expectations of respect and valuing others was in place in the school. Of course in the public school you have to teach who ever comes to school, where as when I worked at the Catholic school habitually disruptive students were eventually asked to leave and find a school that was a better fit. If you can survive on the salary I would stay with the Catholic school system. I am looking to go back as I am sick of babysitting behavior more than teaching.
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