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Clip to ScrapBook #3

I love science, and I love teaching it, but so many kids of mine hate it. They also complain that the text is hard (it is). My P doesn't totally like our re t because it sometimes waters subjects down. She insists that if I am going to teach a topic, teach the entire topic.

NSTA has a resource called "stop faking it" for teaching science. It is to help teachers understand more than the textbook. There are also links for lessons and picture books.

I try to incorporate multiple methods in my teaching. I show Bill Nye videos to introduce a subject. I've had kids make power point about scientists and the principles. We do experiments and I have a perpetual scientific process board we use for them.

I've tried a couple of techniques for class room lessons/lecture. I've had them do Cornell type notes and an interactive notebook. I've had them make foldable and assemble a lap book. Next year I think I'm going strictly with the interactive notebook approach.

I have also used the website class to create game for vocabulary.

We have lab activities 2-3 days a week, and I've been surprised how hit it miss the retention with these labs have been. Definitely something I'm looking to improve next year.

One other thing I am going to incorporate next year is science discovery centers. When I went to the NSTA conference, a presenter talked about her duh moment when she realized that she could incorprAte science inquiry and journal time into her reading groups. She devised simple stations and the students recorded observations in a journal using sentence stems. I though duh! Even in sixth grade my students would benefit greatly from just making observations!

I have also wondered why my students (for the last two years) seem to lack an inquisitive nature. They just don't seem to want to ask questions. They just want answers. So I am looking for ways to build that nature.

I was watching mr magorium not long ago. I thought "that's what I want my kids to feel! I wonder and awe for science!"
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