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Clip to ScrapBook #2

My students loooove privilege prizes:

Bring a pillow/stuffed animal to school. (THE most popular prize, I don't get it!!)

Sit by a friend

Use teachers chair for a day

Write with a pen

Bring a sugary snack/soda to enjoy in class

Extra recess/free time in class

$5 or less book from Scholastic (use your points)

Other ones that cost a bit, all cheap and easy to buy in bulk:
-mechanical pencils
-jelly pens
-ice cream sandwich
-candy (obviously)

I have let them brainstorm their own ideas and even said things like "you can have any prize you want, as long as it's reasonable and cheap/free." They often come up with things that you can easily be willing to do/give/buy, but you never would have thought that thing could be an incentive. One time a student chose to use a clipboard as his desk for the day as his prize....
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