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Clip to ScrapBook #6

What about allowing them to sit on top of their desks or under their desks while you read aloud? This would be the only time you allow them to do so. That might be fun.

What about going outside to read? Is there a good place? On a pretty day it is always nice to be outdoors.

What about reading them a descriptive book and not show them the pictures. Allow them to visualize and draw a picture of what they hear happening in the story or what the character looks like.Or maybe they could color the mood and just do an abstract with crayons when mood is an important element to the story. Maybe they have to draw with their non dominant hand. Or maybe they can each tape a piece of paper to the underside of their desk and draw like Michaelangelo did on the Sistine Chapel.

What about giving them a key word that you know will be repeated in the story. When they hear that word they can stand up and spin around or take three steps and change where they are sitting or any kind of movement. Or maybe if they are spread out they could lie down and then sit back up.

What about skipping the ending and allowing them to write their own ending? Share and then read the conclusion the author wrote.

I would reread picture books by Patricia Palocco. Many of her books are good for older students and teach a good lesson.

Also look at Jane Yolen's books. I love Encounter. It is perfect for Columbus Day in October. Jane Yolen also wrote some nonfiction books which start with An Unsolved Mystery from History....... They are excellent for teaching the mystery genre and history. Also include silly books like Double Trouble in Walla Walla by Andrew Clements. After the reading allow them to write a different story but use many of the same nonsense words for fun. Maybe they could work in pairs for this one.

If I taught fifth grade I would be sure to read Mr Peabody's Apples by Madonna. It teaches an excellent lesson.

They are not too old for Dr Seuss. Look at some of his more advanced stories like Speeches and The Lorax. They are perfect for preteens.

I almost forgot Chris VanAllsburg. Start with The Wretched Stone and go on from there. This story is about how watching too much TV is bad for you but told in an underlying way. The Polar Express Author author is a great one to study and discuss his books that became movies and the differences.

All of the above authors would make good author studies as well.

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