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Seeking input/info regarding preliminary credential
Old 05-17-2018, 05:47 PM
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Hi, I was hoping to get some help/advice regarding my situation.

So my concern is regarding the whole preliminary teaching credential / BTSA fiasco. I live in California specifically in the Los Angeles area.

I'm going to be entering my single subject English credential program next semester and it might take me 2.5 years to complete since I plan to go part-time and substitute teach for the experience. My worry is that I am 31 years old without any work experience at all. Do you think substitute teaching will be good experience that can land me a full-time teaching position once I finish my credential program?

Also, regarding the preliminary credential, I did some research and it said you have 5 years to find a job and complete BTSA or if you can't they will extend it up to 3 additional years. However, what happens if I cannot find a job no matter how hard I try. I know it's an unrealistic fear, but I'm just worried since the economy could tank like before when so many teachers got laid off, and also based on the fact that I've heard the English credential is not as sought after as a science or math credential. I'm willing to move anywhere in California, even those small rural areas that might not even pop up on a map. Do you think an English credential will be sought after enough for me not to worry about this? I fear that if I can't find a job within that time frame then all that time will be wasted since my credential will no longer be valid and become useless.

If the credential expires does that mean I need to re-take the CSET and the credential courses again? (I got the waiver for subject matter competency if that makes any difference).

Sorry in advance for the many lengthy questions.

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