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These activities can be done for either war.

1. A set of 6-8 trading cards featuring famous people of the time. I have the kids draw the people on the front and need to put 5 facts about the person's contributions to the war, and why they are still important today.

2. A Meet the newsmaker forum. Some of the kids dress up as a famous preson and give a first person presentation that a moderator or fellow classmates ask questions For example, Why did you keep fighting when your men were sick and had no uniforms?

3. Create an 18th or 19th century ( respectively) treet to share with the class include background and recipie in the presentation.

4. Have them create a picture time line illustrating the most important events on the war(s).

5.If your school has the technology, have the kids create a power point on a topic of their choice.

6. (an extra gift) A debate about breaking away from Great Britian or leaving the Union.

I hope these give you some ideas.
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