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Hold a class meeting!
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Have it soon, perhaps right after lunch. Most likely you'll have a comment you can share or refer to that is inappropriate.

This is what I would say:
"Several students have reported to me that certain students are making inappropriate comments about boys' and girls' body parts. It hasn't been just one or two students reporting these incidents, it has been several.

Obviously, these comments are making many people uncomfortable. We all know the comments aren't appropriate. People who make comments like these are trying to get attention and they say things for shock value. It's a very sad way indeed to get attention.

It doesn't make a person seem more mature or cool to say these things. It doesn't make a person look smart. Nasty talk gives a person a bad reputation. While seeing someone's shock might make you think you've earned respect, you've actually lost it. Most people don't want to hear talk like that. Saying such things can be taken as harassment. Harassment is unwanted attention that makes people feel uncomfortable. From the number of reports I've had, there are a lot students who are uncomfortable.

I don't take harassment lightly. Clean it up if you're talking like that. Keep reporting if you continue to hear it. I want to know who said what. Write the details in a note if you're uncomfortable repeating what was said. I am going to start calling parents. I will let parents know exactly what is being said. Don't think I won't. I am fairly certain parents would not be very happy with a such a phone call. I will also start sending students to the office.

I believe that as a class, we can fix this.

For those of you who are saying nasty things, remember you kiss your mother with that mouth, so make sure what is coming out of it is clean."

After the general discussion, talk to students individually if a new situation arises. A student has to admit saying whatever in order for you to write a referral, etc. When you have several students reporting the same kid, speak to the student privately and give him/her a chance to admit or deny. If you are fairly certain it's the kid, but he/she denies doing it, say that you have several students who say it's that student. Ask, "Are you saying they are all lying?" That usually does it. Occasionally, I will need to call one of the students out who is willing to report the incident face to face with the one who did it.

Don't worry about being a tyrant...some years are just like that. That was last year for me. Being consistent and tough really made a difference with last year's bunch. No I wasn't the favorite teacher at times, but I had tremendous breakthroughs with several kids. Remember it's your classroom and you have to look out for the group as whole and keep the class moving forward.

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