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Teaching Art: Inclusion | Middle School
Old 09-29-2013, 03:32 PM
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Hi! I'm in desperate need of some help with a specific class. I teach Middle School Art and I have a 6th grade class. I have 13 "regular ed" students, and 5 students with multiple disabilities, mostly ASD. I have 55-minute blocks, and typically try to break the class up into 3 20-minute activites, for differentiation and for attention-spans. However, my 5 MD students are cognitively at about a kindergarten level, and physically not a lot higher. They lack fine motor skills, auditory processing, and 2 are non-verbal. There are also behavioral issues when I am not 100% supervising these 5 students.

My question is: HOW do I teach 13 students in art-making while occupying, for lack of a better word, a separate group of 5 that need hand-over-hand/direct, step-by-step instruction and 5 activities for every one class period? In the course of 30 classes, that's a lot of lesson planning!

I feel as though I am failing all of my students when I spend a class period devoted to one group or another, but the level difference makes it virtually impossible to treat the class as one group.

I'm not a special ed teacher, I've worked with students with a variety of special needs, and I know that art can be a great equalizer in the academic world... but this is beyond my skill set.

I appreciate any and all suggestions and help that you can provide!!

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