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Miss Art

Miss Art
Adjusting to New Principals...Any Advice?
Old 11-28-2017, 08:51 PM
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I am very frustrated! I am a traveling elementary art teacher. I travel between three schools in town and teach my boys and girls on 30 day cycles. People have always told me, "Bless your heart," but I never really had any problems. I had three amazing principals who understood my philosophies and kept things super organized. I always felt like they respected me as a teacher, and they always regarded me as a necessary part of their team. Although my presence wasn't always at each school, I always felt welcome and on the same page as everyone else when I returned. And although I don't teach a core subject, I always felt respected.

This year it is totally different. Two of my principals are brand new. One seems to feel so stressed about bringing test scores up that she acts like she doesn't even know that I'm in the building. My class time was reduced by 15 minutes, and I feel like I have no time to teach the kids.

The other new principal is just that...She is totally new! She's never been a principal before and it definitely shows! She is very nice, but she is very unorganized and she is not a very good disciplinarian at all. I have always been known as someone who can take even the toughest of kids and turn them around even in the little time that I have them because I can show them that art can be a great outlet. A little boy (who by the way, was at that school last year and didn't really act this way at all) does anything that he can to get out of my class. I think that he is acting out because he wants the one on one attention that he can get by being with her in the office. She told him that he didn't have to go to art anymore. She also told me that children are more respectful to the aides that they see every day and not to the music and art teachers who are rotated. It's like she was supportive, but she has low expectations of me. Yet I have gotten Teacher of the Year and I've been given complement after complement by my various administrators about how great I am with discipline. I have always managed to turn a lot of tough kids around, and frankly, her statements, although well meaning, seemed insulting.

She also does a thing where she spotlights teachers in a journal. Those of us who travel are never recognized. She has never darkened the door of the room where I teach and I don't even think that she knows what I do. I feel like she doesn't respect me at all , but I don't think it's intentional. Any advice? Has anyone been here before? I just needed to vent.

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