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Old 03-26-2020, 10:28 AM

I wonder how families with children stuck at home are doing. Are they seeing it as a rare opportunity or as a hardship? Is it getting more difficult or easier as the days pass?
*I know both the complainers and the revelers. The ones I enjoy hearing about are (mostly) rejoicing in spending time with their kids. The kids, however, sorely miss their friends.

I wonder how people who live by themselves are coping with the situation. Are they at peace with it or are they climbing the walls?
*I live alone and continue to love it. I am learning to value silence for the first time in my life. Such peace.

I wonder if people who never cooked before are now learning to do so. I wonder if those who already cook are finding new creative recipes with the more limited items on hand.
*DD is a good cook; because sheís WFH she has more time to cook and is loving it. She has been very creative. I know this because she usually texts me a pic of her dinner. I enjoy looking at her meal as I eat yogurt.

I wonder if people will have lost weight or have gained weight by the time all this is over.
*Iíve gained weight. Iím way too happy reading or watching TV and snacking. I seem to think I deserve more chocolate in this time of crisis.

I wonder if homes are cleaner or dirtier now.
*I canceled Merry Maids for today, so I just cleaned my already clean condo. Since Iím home more, I clean more....but I still hate vacuuming. My place is spotless.

I wonder if people now appreciate more what others do for them, like the childcare employees, the teachers, the housekeepers, the truck drivers, the store employees, etc., etc., etc.
*Wow, I sure do! I appreciate all the people who keep our country running smoothly. And I appreciate all the people who are WFH!
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